Student Garden Club in Full Swing

With the start of school, the Lyndhurst Student Garden Club is again offering students the opportunity to participate in harvesting, cleaning, cutting and eating the vegetables they planted earlier in the Spring.

To encourage students participating and enjoyment, we focus on growing fruits and vegetables that are favourites for kids and easy for them to participate in the cleaning, cutting and cooking. Our themes include salads and soup vegetables as well as every kids’ favourite, strawberries!

With a large number of kids wanting to harvest, this year’s garden club is divided into primary (K-3) and intermediate (4-7) groups with primary club meetings on alternating Tuesdays.

Cherry Tomatoes Galore!

Lyndhurst students grow cherry tomatoes in garden boxes. Students pick, wash and eat these yummy bites with their fellow classmates. Students who are not part of the garden club also get to try cherry tomatoes fresh from the vines.

About the Lyndhurst Student Garden Program

Our year-long Student Garden Program offers students the opportunity to learn about the foods they eat, how to grow these foods and have some hands-on experience in planting, harvesting and eating fruits and vegetables. To encourage student participation, we choose kids’ favourites and focus on growing salad and soup vegetables as well as strawberries.

Students harvest in the fall, create garden art projects in the winter when the weather is colder, weed and plant in the the spring and during the summer, our garden partners Burquitlam Childcare, help water and harvest from our student garden boxes. Parents, students and the community have been enjoying our student garden since 2014.

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