Garden Club has started

After Spring Break, the Garden Club had more than 40 students sign up. As a result, the club is divided into two groups and are held on Mondays and Wednesdays at lunchtime, just after the lunch bell.

So far, students have weeded 8 out of 14 garden boxes in front of the school and they have planted squash, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. During rainy days, there are indoor activities – students painted garden rock, and planted tomatoes and pumpkins seeds as well as made garden markers. See below for photos of their growing plants.

This club will also allow students to harvest and eat what they help grow. The club is sponsored by Ms. Janice Newkirk, Ms. Kim Clark and Ms. Annette Yang (PAC Garden Coordinator). If you are interested in helping with the Student Garden Club, please contact us.

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