Lyndhurst Cleans Up Community

Last week, on Tuesday, June 25th, the students, staff and some parents took a break from their year-end festivities to clean up the neighbourhood around the school.

Classes went on a walking field trip in the area, picking up trash along the way. A final act of kindness to the community and a way to take ownership of the space where we live, work and play.

Thank you to Avalon Dairy for donating some amazing ice cream for a little celebration after and to Neighbourhood Small Grants for helping us to buy bags, work gloves and biodegradable bowls and spoons.

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Art Project

Members of our student garden club were encouraged to draw, paint and cut out orange coloured and green coloured fruits & vegetables. Students chose celery, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, avocados, cucumbers and peppers for green vegetables, and carrots, pumpkin, oranges, squash and peppers for orange vegetables & fruits.

The resulting collage made a beautiful carrot that is displayed on the bulletin board across from the office. Great job kids!

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Organic Kale Chips

Growing kale is so easy, even your kids can do it! And they have at our school’s garden club!

Kale is very hard, requires little maintenance and is super healthy for you. It’s considered part of the super greens family. These are some of the many benefits of kale:

  • loaded with powerful antioxidants
  • excellent source of Vitamins C & K
  • good source of minerals
  • improves the strength of bone, skin, and hair

This week, student club members hand picked all these lush kale leaves. They also washed and dried them. Parents then rubbed them in olive oil and baked them in the oven until crispy. A dash of salt was added for flavor and then these crunchy kale chips were served to every classroom. All plates came back empty so the students must have loved these kale chips!

Here’s the recipe for you to try making them at home:


4 cups of kale
2 tablespoons olive oil
salt to taste


Preheat oven to 350°F. Wash kale. Remove stems and rip kale into smaller pieces. Add olive oil and use hands to gently rub onto the leaves until coated. A little oil goes a long way, just keep rubbing gently. Place on a baking sheet, single layer only. Bake for 10-12 minutes until crispy. Sprinkle salt for taste and serve.

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Student Garden Club Yields Bumper Crop of Potatoes

Last May, Lyndhurst students in the garden club planted red potatoes in two garden boxes. Today, primary students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 dug out a large bowl of small red potatoes. The kids enjoyed helping wash these potatoes.

Then volunteer parents boiled and sauteed these potatoes in a bit of olive oil and added a pinch of salt. Roasted potatoes were served to every classroom and every student! There was even enough to save for our soup cooking project later in the week with the intermediate students club members.

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Carrots & Turnips

Lyndhurst student garden club planted carrots and turnips last Spring. They harvested these vegetables this week. Many carrots and turnips where odd shapes and sizes, not your standard grocery store bought produce, however they were sweet and delicious.

Students helped wash the carrots and turnips along with Kindergarten teacher sponsor, Ms. Cheema. Then parent volunteers boiled and sauteed these beauties with a some olive oil and a smidgen of salt. Carrots and turnips were served to all classrooms for any students who want to give them a try. Leftovers to shared with parents after school.

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Student Garden Club in Full Swing

With the start of school, the Lyndhurst Student Garden Club is again offering students the opportunity to participate in harvesting, cleaning, cutting and eating the vegetables they planted earlier in the Spring.

To encourage students participating and enjoyment, we focus on growing fruits and vegetables that are favourites for kids and easy for them to participate in the cleaning, cutting and cooking. Our themes include salads and soup vegetables as well as every kids’ favourite, strawberries!

With a large number of kids wanting to harvest, this year’s garden club is divided into primary (K-3) and intermediate (4-7) groups with primary club meetings on alternating Tuesdays.

Cherry Tomatoes Galore!

Lyndhurst students grow cherry tomatoes in garden boxes. Students pick, wash and eat these yummy bites with their fellow classmates. Students who are not part of the garden club also get to try cherry tomatoes fresh from the vines.

About the Lyndhurst Student Garden Program

Our year-long Student Garden Program offers students the opportunity to learn about the foods they eat, how to grow these foods and have some hands-on experience in planting, harvesting and eating fruits and vegetables. To encourage student participation, we choose kids’ favourites and focus on growing salad and soup vegetables as well as strawberries.

Students harvest in the fall, create garden art projects in the winter when the weather is colder, weed and plant in the the spring and during the summer, our garden partners Burquitlam Childcare, help water and harvest from our student garden boxes. Parents, students and the community have been enjoying our student garden since 2014.

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